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Multidisciplinary designer and web developer, Julio Liu Wong, partners with visionary clients to create purposeful and evocative solutions from even the most intricate challenges.

Purposeful Experiences Infused with Emotion and Harmony
001 — 022


Making every mom’s journey a little easier, today and for the future

002 — 022

Light House Co.

Your premier destination for designer lighting, furniture, & home decor

Rebranding • E-commerce
003 — 022

Peeka & Co.

Expertly curated, values-driven online marketplace for modern parenting

Branding • E-commerce

With a holistic approach and focus on the client’s needs, context, and audience, Julio transforms challenges into simple yet thoughtful solutions that inspire, inform, and evoke emotions.

004 — 022

Brand Your

Elevating branded packaging from functional to instagrammable

Rebranding • E-commerce
005 — 022

Choose Humanity

Advocating on behalf of individuals persecuted for their belief

Rebranding • Website
014 — 022

Art of Courage

Film and exhibition about hope in the face of unyielding repression

Film Branding • Website
011 — 022


Community-led initiatives driven by the principles of humanity and solidarity


“I prioritize thoughtful simplicity infused with emotion, passion, and harmony. Accountability is non-negotiable. Rooted in empathy, I value distinctive perspectives, nurturing innovation and genuine connections that transcend.

These principles guide my pursuit of excellence over perfection in all aspects of my work.”

007 — 022

LUPO Ristorante

Italian spot featuring mountain vistas, private dining spaces and la vita bella

022 — 022

Somos Panamá

Vibrant illustrations of time-honoured customs and life in Panama



From La Chorrera Panama, now based in the south of Toluca, Mexico

Julio is currently the Experience Design Lead at Syatt, where he unlocks potential in strategies and workflows, turning ideas into delightful designs.

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